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The company Przepyszni.pl offers catering services throughout the country. The diversified offer includes both traditional and modern dishes that will appeal to even the most demanding/ choosy gourmets.

We are a thriving catering company located in Buk. Przemysław Mankiewicz himself is the owner and also Chef of Przepyszni.pl - a figure known in the region who watches over the quality of prepared dishes and catering customer service.

 The chef and cook with many years of experience comes from/ he is from a family with high culinary traditions handed down from generation to generation. As he says - cooking is his life, passion and information written in his genes. And because he loves what he does, he prepares everything with due diligence.

The dishes prepared by the team of Przepyszni.pl chefs are composed in such a way that their appearance, taste and smell form/ create/ make one perfect whole. Przepyszni.pl deal primarily with professional and comprehensive catering service and dietetic catering/ First of all Przepyszni.pl deal with professional and comprehensive catering service and dietetic catering.


 If you plan to organize a trade fair, you are already planning your trade fair stand and are thinking about how to attract customers even more, let us / commission us prepare catering. We will compose an appropriate menu tailored to the occasion, and our trained team of waiters will take care of your guests, customers and potential contractors. You are a businessman and you understand the rules governing cooperation well, we will deal with the appropriate setting/ arrangement.


It is good to cultivate family ties and collect memories. For this reason, more frequent meetings in a larger group are becoming more and more popular.

 After the final calculation, it turns out that, for many reasons, ordering a catering company (even home) becomes more profitable than organizing everything on your own.

How much more pleasant it is, some memories of communion or baptism more resemble conversations with nearest/ family, devoted time to the main participants and snacking on treats/ snacking/ snacking delicacy than tens of hours spent in the kitchen ...

If you have such needs, we can also find for you a photo and cameraman who will capture / immortalize the event.


 Each achievement is worth a proper presentation, which is why we thought that by organizing a banquet or gala you would like to be sure that everything will taste just as successful. The delicious ones will prepare dishes and snacks for you that will perfectly match the theme of the ceremony.

 We know that this opportunity requires a toast, so we'll offer you the right drinks and beverages that further emphasize the taste of the dishes.

 We know well what is going on with what we eat, so there is no question of any faux pas in front of employees or guests. This is important.


 In the past, in the work culture the most important thing was profit, and little more than that - today times have changed a bit and much of the employer's efforts are focused on the well-being of employees. companies that focus on teamwork and long-term '' relationships '' with employees have the habit of organizing integration events.

 If you - the Employer, plan to take your employees to a paintball game, team building, or going out that requires high physical activity - do not forget to bring delicious and attractive regenerative meals with you. We will pack them in containers that keep warm for a long time, or we will meet in the indicated place by the outdoor kitchen and with great skill we will give each hungry person a solid portion of something absolutely delicious.

 Share your idea for an integration event with us, we will gladly help you with its / her/ this organization


 The box diet is an ideal option for people who want to lose weight and improve health parameters and build their dream figure. Eating regularly, you will improve your metabolism and forget about the yo-yo effect once and for all. The time saved on cooking can now be used to spend time together with loved ones.

Our diet was based on only natural, unprocessed ingredients.

 Catering fitness does not have to be boring, it can become a real pleasure with us! That is why we prepare fruit cocktails with cleansing and deacidifying properties for you every day.

As premium catering, we care for a masterful composition of meals. Our meals contain various sources of protein, including beef and fish, seafood and other diets, e.g. diet of dr. Dąbrowski, ketogenic, gluten-free, lactose-free, tailored to the customer - thanks to which our menu will never get boring.


 Sometimes it happens that the implementation of your goal involves organizing a huge outdoor event, even for 500 people. Imagine. that this event is discussed by local and national media, there are excerpts from the course of events on television, and the most important your guests will come with families, with business partners and all those on whom the success of your business depends.

The substantive part and idea that governs the venture is the most important, but it is also worth taking care of less important, but very important things. Great, always hot meals, cold snacks, cool drinks. A clean tent, beautiful decorations and tableware (it will be visible in the pictures), fantastic accessories, original menu, professional and committed service as well as event planning that we prepare for all invited guests. Sounds expensive? This is a good impression for guests.

Most importantly, with large orders you have the option of larger price negotiations. We guarantee the success of every event organized by Przepyszni.pl

 We cordially invite you to use our services and taste great cuisine!

Chef. Cook  Przemysław Mankiewicz.


NIP: 7881032907
REGON: 301766114

Work hours:
Monday - 10:00 - 21:00
Tuesday - 10:00 - 21:00
Wednesday - 10:00 - 21:00
Thursday - 10:00 - 21:00
Friday - 10:00 - 21:00
Saturday - 11:00 - 22:00
Sunday - 11:00 - 22:00

+ 48 500 161 718

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